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            Welcome to Shanghai Yaao Valve Co., Ltd.
            Shanghai Yaao Valve Co., Ltd. 上海亞奧閥門有限公司
            Contact us:+86 21 67360922
            Premium Quality Industrial Valves
            Industrial Valves ManufacturerComplete Flow Control Solutions for Domestic & Oversea Market
            Yaao ValveComplete Solutions for Industrial Valves

            Contact:+86 21 67360922

            Yaao Valve Specialist of Industrial Valves

            Shanghai Yaao Valve Co., Ltd.

            As one of the leading valve manufacturer established in 2004, Yaao Valve is specialized in innovative R&D, production and sales. Yaao is commit to be your best choice of industrial flow control systems. Products & ApplicationsYaao Valve’s mainly products includes Ball, Gate, Globe, Check, Butterfly valves as well as cryogenic & high temperature valves for se...